In this land

History forever

Repeats itself

Every Tragedy

Has its part to play

In the greater





A name cried out in the night

And I know when dark turns to light

In my sleep I’ll fight

A face from the past


I don’t now feel this hollow




My heart twists me double

I don’t think I can handle

These moments

When I fall reeling

And can’t touch the feeling

Within me


Written 1991


Touch me with your suffering

And maybe I’ll pay attention to you

Throw yourself on my mercy

And maybe I’ll give you a bed and food

But not for long

Because soon I’ll throw you back out into the world

Don’t you know?

I’m in this to help myself


Why do you come back to me?

Where is your life?

Why do you insist on showing me

That you can’t cope?

Sleep on the streets

If that’s all you’re up to

Don’t expect me to give you shelter

For the rest of your life


I don’t want to look at you

I don’t want to see that you

Are Human

And can’t handle your own existence

So I turn my head

And I send you away again

They call me Simon

So I won’t let you

Call me

Pontius Pilate


Written 1991


I saw you again today

There was that pain in your eyes

I saw you and wished that I could

Hold you, could take your pain

And put it on my shoulders

I saw you and wished that I wouldn’t

Feel so alone

I saw you and wished that we

Were free

 Written summer 1988