Month: February 2017

Mainstream Media’s Ridiculous Response To Hammond’s Poverty Inducing Autumn Statement

The mainstreams media latest attack on John Mcdonnell is an attempt to mock and undermine the suffering of millions will who suffer at the hands of Tory Economic policy

Source: Mainstream Media’s Ridiculous Response To Hammond’s Poverty Inducing Autumn Statement


Poverty has devastating impact on children’s mental health

Politics and Insights

imagesUniversity of Liverpool research – published today inThe Lancet Public Health shows that children who move into poverty are more likely to suffer from social, emotional and behavioural problems than children who remain out of poverty.

The UK Government has recently questioned whether the relative measure of income poverty used in this research (a household income that is less than 60% of the national average) is a good indicator of children’s life chances.

The Government has claimed that it is better to increase the number of parents who are employed, than use the social security system to prevent children moving into poverty. 

Exploring the impact

This research challenges this view finding that moving into poverty adversely affected children’s and mothers’ mental health even if there was no change in the mother’s employment status.

Researchers from the University’sDepartment of Public Health and Policy explored the impact that…

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