Words of Thanks to a Soul Surgeon

I’ll never be what I

Should have been

Because I fell

Under your spell

Your Madness is

So Seductive


Like an endless stream of drink

It blocks all of

Reality’s efforts

To make you see

That the people who love you

Have to carry your pain

And be crushed

By your Outbursts

And blame themselves

Because You





I believed that too

And blamed myself

When you

Reached into me

And crushed

The frightened Child

That I allowed you

To see

I felt that my filth

And my madness

Was polluting your home

When all along

It was

Your head that was

Overflowing with

An insane



That sent me

On a

Kamikaze Mission


Now the person

That I was

Is dead

Killed by You


And you will never

Accept responsibility

For any of your

Filth and Madness

Or the damage

That it Causes

To other




Looking back

I like that kid

That I was

Before I met you

He never

Had a chance


You destroyed my faith

In Humanity

And my will

To live


I will never forgive you

Emotional Rapist


Mothers’ Day

I didn’t ask you

To inflict this life

And your Evil

Upon me


I live every day

And every night

In the shadow

Of your Madness


You have castrated me

And you know

It feels good

To say

I am to blame


My rage devours me

Your cancerous Gift




I want you

To die

Of Cancer

Slowly and painfully

I want you to lose

All hope

Of an afterlife


I want you to understand

That your life

Amounts to nothing

But other




You know how long

I have longed

For your Destruction


What you have done to me

You do to me

Every day

And every night

You invade my



There is no end






The connection between Universal Credit, ordeals and experiments in electrocuting laboratory rats

Politics and Insights

Image result for skinner lab ratI’m currently writing an article about the intimacy between neoliberalism and behavioural economics, following Richard Thaler’s recent Nobel award. While I was researching, I came across an Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) document about Nudge from 2012Tax and benefit policy: insights from behavioural economics, which suggested the introduction of “ordeals” into the social security system. The authors claim it would “deter fraud”. Although the IFS didn’t quite commit to calling for the idea to be implemented formally via policy, they did present the idea as an incontrovertible fact. Yet it is a controversial opinion, which is not supported by empirical evidence.

Introducing ordeals to social security also deters our most vulnerable citizens from claiming the support they need in order to live. Because of this, it wouldn’t be possible to determine the number of people who were intending to make a fraudulent claim. Prior to the welfare “reforms”…

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#Torygate: ten things that Laura Pidcock didn’t say, and five that she did.

The World Turned Upside Down

When Laura Pidcock said, quite casually, in an interview with Skwawkbox, that she had “no intention” of being friends with Tory MPs – the same MPs she’d witnessed cheering welfare cuts over the summer – she was castigated in the mainstream media, on social media accounts belonging to political commentators from the liberal left to the hard right. Not just once, but relentlessly, for weeks and months. The ferocity of the attacks, and the wild misrepresentation of her words, was a bit of a shock – especially when directed at an MP of just a couple of month’s standing. But it shouldn’t have been: because the political-media nexus which dominates Parliament cannot allow a challenge, not when they’re this insecure and frightened. The slippage from the specific point about the cosy Westminster club to an attack on all Tory voters, on women, on people’s family members, was all very deliberate…

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